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With Nexus 10 Out of Google Play, Is Google Nexus 10 2 Release Date Imminent?

nexus7 vs nexus10
With the original Google Nexus 10 vanishing from Google Play Store, speculation is rife that the technology behemoth is gearing up and we can expect a Nexus 10 2 release date soon. Adding to the speculation is the fact that the price of the Nexus 7 is consistently being slashed. So what is in store for Nexus fans out there?

Google Nexus 10 2 Specs

For starters, the 10 inch display appears to be the same as its predecessor with PLS-technology, 2,560×1,600 pixel (300PPI), 16:10 aspect ratio protected by Gorilla Glass 3. The device is expected to be powered by an 8-core Exynos processor and 3GB of RAM. Storage is rumoured to be at 32GB and the device is likely to weigh around 584 grams. The Google Nexus 10 2 is packed with a humongous 9,500mAh battery. Expected to be built with both a 3MP camera on the front and a 5MP on the rear, it is likely to leave its competitors, the iPad Air and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note series far behind in the race.

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Expected release date and price

Going by the past, Google is likely to launch the Nexus 10 2 without much fanfare by merely displaying it on the Play Store for online ordering. However, given that Barcelona is hosting the Mobile World Congress in February 2014, it is possible that Google may use the event as a reference point for the device’s launch. With a penchant for not sticking to a rigid pricing policy as that of Apple’s and the Nexus jumping in price by £40 between generations, it is expected that the Nexus 10 2 is likely to be priced at around £349. 

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