If it was Microsoft that faced severe criticism for shipping its Surface Pro and Surface RT tablets with very little usable storage, now it’s time for Samsung to face the music. The 16 GB model of the Galaxy S4 has only about 8.82 GB of space that can be used – that’s just about half of the internal storage provided!

Now we always knew that we wouldn’t get as much space as companies advertize, but this one’s just too less. So, in case you’re gearing up to buy the Galaxy S4, make sure you invest in a good microSD card as well. All that space is being used up by the Android OS, Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, inbuilt apps and apps put in by the carriers themselves.

What makes matters worse for T-Mobile users is that they can only get the 16 GB model on their networks – the 32 GB and 64 GB models are yet to be introduced. We wonder why Samsung didn’t bother to include a microSD card in the package to compensate for this. Will this hamper Samsung’s chances of making the Galaxy S4 as successful as its predecessor?