Sunday, May 19, 2024

With Apple iPhone 6 In The Tow Apple Need To Put All The Puzzle Pieces Together To Get Back At Samsung Galaxy S4

As apple flip throws its market share pages, we don’t expect to see a big smile on their face. Well dipping market shares isn’t such a delight for a company who once had it all pulled together to eat up the smartphone industry.


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There was time when we expected Apple to take over the world with its fierce innovation strategy, but as we prodded through its last year’s history, we realized that the ruling knight is on the verge of losing its battle.

And how can we forget the saying that the only way to climb back your way up is to constantly challenge yourself and this is what exactly a French website nowhere else is advising Apple to do. The overreaching theme of the website for Apple iPhone 6 borders around touchpad-like, wide button that is also sensitive to touch instead of the round Apple home key.

If Apple iPhone 6 gets born (rumored to come in 2014) with a larger screen (thanks to wide –button imagination) and a balanced get up then we could think of giving the ruler its throne back.

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