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With a Yearly Thrilling Six-Figure Salary: YouTube Has Made Partners Rich

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Shelling out six-figures from pocket is dream come true for thousands of YouTube partners, who are now bringing in over $100,000 a year, as revealed by Google SVP and Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora. The firm shared the number during Google’s second quarter earnings call on Thursday, where Arora pointed to YouTube as an acquisition that has paid off for the company.

Earlier, YouTube had claimed the number of six-figure earners in hundreds, which has now taken a rise. During the call, Arora recalled how the press had doubts regarding YouTube being a successful business model in 2006, the year it was acquired. “I think we can declare we found our model,” he said.

Google usually maintains a low-key and doesn’t talk much about YouTube during its earnings calls. The firm stuck with its tradition on Thursday and did not reveal any revenue numbers for YouTube. Instead, Arora revealed some business highlights and spoke of the site’s partnership with NBC to stream the Olympics within the U.S. There was also a mention of the YouTube upfront event, which Arora said was attended by 1,300 people.

Google is increasingly investing into programming on YouTube. The site exposed a premium channel initiative late last year that included a reported $100 million in advances both for YouTube stars and traditional media brands who took their assets to YouTube as a result. And earlier Thursday, the firm announced rewarding around 1,500 YouTube producers for successes with their channels on the site, with 80 of them to receive a golden play button, and each one to get $500 gift certificates that they can use to buy video equipment. Quite a thrilling and awesome move by the progressing YouTube!

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