When we broke the news about the Galaxy Note 3 coming with a flexible display last week, we warned you that it was just rumors we had heard. As of now, we’ve received confirmed information that Samsung could go the OLED way with the Galaxy Note 3’s 6-inch screen, instead of LCD.

Many believe that the company had originally intended to feature flexible displays in the Galaxy Note 3, but due to time constraints in rolling out the device by September during the IFA at Berlin, has ditched this and opted for OLED technology instead.

According to the website Oled-display.net, Samsung and LG won’t be able to manufacture devices with flexible displays so easily because the production time is much longer, which means fewer devices would be ready in the same period of time. While Samsung’s production line can create up to 24,000 sheets bases on 5.5G every month, LG can make about 8,000 sheets on its 4G production line currently. Flexible displays would require considerable investment to expand the production capacity.

But we guess Samsung fans would love even the more energy efficient and vibrant OLED displays on their Galaxy Note 3 phablets, just as long as they get their hands on them soon!