Wise App is making headlines in positive news all over the place. But, before we tell you what it is, here’s a little context: As you were comfortably attending online classes during the pandemic, most probably your friends in Jammu and Kashmir were still struggling with the slow data connections. But, interestingly, two IIT-B friends took to tech to solve these techcrises for the J&K students. The IITian duo has wisely created the “Wise App” to facilitate digital education among the J&K students.

Indian Express noted in its article on how Shakir Rashid now takes online classes live for his 76 students from almost all J&K districts including Doda, Shopian and Kupwara. The tale of teachers waiting patiently for some more extra minutes so that more students can join in as early joiners start to grow impatient with every passing minute is the same tale in the northern union territory too.

Remarkably, his cost management lectures can now reach every home loud and clear even at places where the restricted data speed is significantly restricted. As it turns out, the number is actually 18 out of all 20 districts.

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The digital education for all these J&K students has been made possible by the Wise App. It has been developed by Bilal Abidi and MubeenMasudi.  While Masudi hails from the heavenly valley, Abidi is a resident of Lucknow. The two became friends at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Now, the Wise App

Indian Education Minister applauds IIT-B friends for the Wise App

Indian Education Minister, Ramesh PokhriyalNishank also took note of their incredible innovation. He tweeted, “Two graduates of @iitbombay have developed an Android application “Wise App” to enable #onlinelearning on the 2G service. The application is extremely user-friendly, completely free of cost and comes without any advertisement.”

Wise App 2G-friendly Features

The most important feature of the app is probably the Wise App video interface. The app particularly incorporates a 2G-friendly video interface to run smoothly even at restricted data speeds. Wise App also makes it more convenient for students and teachers to schedule classes. It aims to make the learning experience over the internet feel closer to the offline real-world classroom experience.  It attempts to make both online teaching and assessments easier for students and teachers in the UT.

Furthermore, the attendance tracker in the Wise App features also allows educators to know at the end of the class, which of the students were present for what duration during the class. The IIT-B’s young innovators, Masudi and Abidi note that the major purpose of the Wise app is to democratise education and empower teachers through technology.

But, more than anything else the Wise App has once again demonstrated the power oftechnology as an enabler and equaliser.

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