London-based privately held company Spotify has recently announced that it has introduced its streaming option to the Windows Phone that would be free and feature ads. The company has updated on its blog post that users can enjoy the feature by installing an update from the Windows Phone Store. The feature has been introduced in the Windows phone months after its launch on the Android and iPhone devices

spotiry windows phone live streamingThe newly introduced feature would enable users to access playlists designed by their own as well as “shuffle play” the entire discography by any artist featured in the service. Under the free version, the users also get access of Spotify’s playlists that have been designed on different moods and activities. The app is also available at a monthly price of USD9.99 on-demand streaming service.

The company is claiming that its new app for Windows Phone will bring in several enhancements to its features in the discovery and search category.

However, several users have registered a complaint on the company’s blog post that Spotify Connect is still not working for Windows Phone. Spotify Connect is a feature that enables direct connection with the speakers through a process where a smartphone works as a remote control for a larger system.