A year and a half following the announcement of partnership of Nokia and Microsoft, Nokia recently launched its Windows 8 Lumia smartphones last Wednesday.

But what about Microsoft and Windows 8 phone? Will it be a hit unlike its previous model?

I guess the wait is going to be a little longer, until this time next year, when the firm actually launches its Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices.

On Wednesday, when Nokia launched its Lumia models, Microsoft’s CEO also joined the conference.

Everyone knows how important the success of Lumia is for Microsoft as it will help Windows 8 Phone regain its footing into the market of smartphones.

Windows phone got the firm struggling with sales since its release. The firm is believe to capture just 3.7 percent of the global smartphone market, which is too less as compared to its giant rivals Apple and Samsung.

At Nokia Lumia launch, Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft announced the strategy of Microsoft’s Windows Phone. It’s now pretty clear. The entire plan, it seems, revolves around the ecosystem of the Windows 8.

As Windows Phone 8 runs Windows 8′s core, it will become a lot easier for various developers to dock apps between desktop, tablet, and smartphone as the app store will then be common for both Windows 8 as well as Windows Phone 8.

This, clearly implies that be it Surface or Lumia, developers will get a single platform for their apps.

This unified and simple ecosystem that Microsoft offers is simply awesome and no other firm has offered anything similar for computers and mobile devices.

If we look at Apple, the iOS and Mac OSX, though both look like, are still very different when it comes to building apps.

And Google too has not been successful in making the Android ecosystem attractive for mobile developers who really want to make money.

Windows 8 is not really Microsoft’s try to stab tablets; the operating system also lifts up and truly discriminates Windows Phone for the upcoming year.

It is believe that Windows Phone 8, if marketed as an expansion of Windows 8, could really hit off with consumers.

In late 2010, when Windows Phone 7 was launched, it was admired for its exclusive style. But the phone really didn’t hit off with users as Google Android had already set its footing in the market.

Then in late 2011, Nokia Lumia Windows Phones were launched. Nokia Lumia did hit off in the US market, but then consumers got drifted away as Apple launched in its iPhone 4S model or even the latest Android smartphones.

But now in late 2012, it seems that Microsoft actually knows what to do with Windows Phone. Nokia’s upcoming Lumia 920 smartphone looks good and its Pureview camera technology is also better than what others offer.

And Windows 8 Phone too looks awesome. I am just waiting for the phone to land on Oct. 26th.  Other waiting in line are developers, who will be flocking to build apps, which in turn will make them take a second look at Windows Phone.

Windows 8 finally envelops all Microsoft offers into one united computing experience, be it desktops, smartphones, tablets, and even the Xbox’s new interface.