Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Windows Phone 8 SDK Preview Now Open to All

While the launch of latest iPhone 5 is creating abuzz all over the web, Microsoft has just opened signups for its Windows Phone 8.0 Developer Preview Program.

In a blog post by the company, Microsoft said it aims to let developers of the firm’s most-downloaded apps start checking them for Windows Phone 8, which also means that the number of signups at this time is limited.

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Microsoft plans to release a full version of the SDK later this year when Windows Phone 8 devices officially hit the market.

In its blog post, Microsoft has given an explanation for limiting signups of the preview SDK:

“I know that many of you want to know why we simply don’t publically release the full SDK now. The reason is that not all Windows Phone 8 features have been announced, and our SDK includes comprehensive emulators that allow developers to test apps against a wide range of Windows Phone features. We recognize that this is a different approach to delivering tools than we’ve taken in the past. Our goal is to generate as much Windows Phone 8 excitement as possible to attract new customers when phones go on sale. This is one of many steps we’re taking to help give you what you (and we) want most.”

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Microsoft is accepting signups for the SDK preview until Sept. 17.

You can visit the site at and apply for access.

Microsoft has also launched the online event for Visual Studio 2012. The Windows Phone SDK 8.0 is built on top of Visual Studio 2012, and will give users the capacity to develop applications and games that target both Windows Phone 8 as well as Windows Phone 7.5.

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