According to a report by The Verge, US-based tech giant Microsoft is likely to showcase its latest Windows operating system, possibly the Windows 9, during an event scheduled to take place on September 30, 2014. The event is likely to reveal several upgrades to the user interface as well as even include Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant.

Windows 9 release dateThis launch will be the first under the leadership of Satya Nadella, who took over as CEO of Microsoft in the earlier part of 2014. Microsoft announced in early 2014 that it is expected to lay off up to 18,000 jobs over the period of the next one year.

Meanwhile, Winbeta recently claimed that the company will remove the Charms bar from Windows 9. The Charms bar is the menu that comes up from the right with buttons like search, share, start and settings. Winbeta has been quoted saying that “One method that we heard about that stands out is having a button up near the window controls that once pressed, would reveal the Search, Share, Devices and Settings charms from the top of the window (there’s no need for a Start Button for desktop users in the charms.)”

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It has also been rumored that Windows 9 will be having the expanded Start menu. The menu will appear within a more ‘Desktop’ Start screen and in the Desktop for PC and laptops users. Meanwhile, the Start menu is likely to take over the entire Start screen for tablets and other smaller touchscreen devices.

The Windows 9 is most likely to be commercially available for PCs, laptops, tablets and phones from April 2015. However, there is not much information available related to the pricing of the new Window.

The Windows 9 is likely to be equipped with a 64-bit processor, although we anticipated the same to feature in Windows 8 but we were wrong. The Windows is expected to be made cross compatible with Xbox apps, and the users would be able to pin Metro apps to the taskbar. We can also expect the compatibility of the Kinect-based 3D gestures for laptops with 3D cameras.Windows 9 expected features