So yes, it’s time to start the countdown until Microsoft launches the latest version of Windows 8, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it. Now we know the tech world loves to look down on Microsoft and ridicule the troublesome OS that Windows has been in the past, its popularity notwithstanding. But the truth remains that even till date, it remains the topmost preferred OS for PCs worldwide. And it gets better with the upcoming Windows 8. We’re going to look at Windows 8 from a slightly different angle and tell you why all the ladies are also going to love the new Windows.

PC-Tablet-Mobile Interconnectivity: Yes, Apple’s already been doing this for a while, so let’s not rain on their parade. But, Windows 8 is going to be launched for computers, for the Surface tablet, and of course, even on mobile phones. So it just makes syncing so much more comprehensive and smooth, which ordinary third-party applications cannot even compare with. With Windows 8, Microsoft’s strategy is to grab market share away from users of iPads and Android tablets, and the advantage of seamlessness might just make it happen.

Apps on Demand: Finally, what we’ve had on our smartphones might just be the future of our PCs too, with Microsoft offering apps from their market for users to download and personalize their systems according to their preferences. This means, ladies, you can have all your exclusive fashion, beauty, and fitness apps even on your computer.

Amazing Interface: Taking inspiration from the tiles on offer already on Windows mobiles, Windows 8 just gets more snazzy, and how! Touch ready, we think the future of computing will be the perfect blend of touch-screens and typepads, and did we mention compact? So no more backaches from lugging around hefty laptops in those ugly, hideous black bags. Ultrabooks are already here, give them a touch-screen too and load Windows 8, and we’ve got magic at our fingertips.