Set to hit the store shelves later this year, Windows 8 and Windows RT has made all the local developers excited as Microsoft gets all geared up to penetrate into the market, which is dominated by Apple and Google.

As the market is competitive, there are many analysts who believe that the success of Windows RT and 8 will depend on the kind of apps that the Window Store offers.

Many developers are seeing this as a potential platform; however, there are still many who feel that the apps available in the Windows Store are not too many, especially as the Oct. 26th release date is just a few weeks away.

With Apple App Store and Google Play Store offering users various thrilling and useful apps, Microsoft will have to hold its footing with really exciting apps.

Apple currently has over 200,000 apps in the Apple App Store specially for iPad, and the Windows Store has just 1,080, which is way too less. Out of that number, Microsoft has just 187 paid apps.

Earlier also HP and RIM tried to hit off with their TouchPad and Blackberry PlayBook, but failed as they lacked in high-quality apps.

Similarly, Microsoft also needs to stock up high-quality apps before launching its Windows 8 and RT as the Windows Store is its only app centre.

Just like Apple Inc, Microsoft also has its list of guidelines for apps, which the firm reviews before authorizing it as free or paid.

In case Microsoft fails to provide users with plethora of applications, the firm might just face a challenge in the consumer market.

Also the lack of apps is believed to affect Windows 8 less than Windows RT, as the former can run traditional or legacy apps on the Windows 7-style desktop.

However, many analysts also believe that maybe Microsoft is holding back some of the apps on purpose as a publicity stunt so that they come out only next month during the launch of the new operating systems.

Microsoft is also known to work under secretive communications strategy so maybe the firm is just being num about the apps it might have made so the level of excitement stays intact in the consumer’s minds.

Another reason for fewer applications can be the lack of motivation among developers, who aren’t till now seeing Microsoft as a tough competition with Apple and Google.

Whatever the reasons might be, we just hope that Microsoft unveils its Windows 8 and RT with more high-quality apps so that we, as consumers get lot more choices!