Terry Myerson of Microsoft has recently announced that the Windows 8.1 would have an Windows 8.1 will be Updated with the Start Menu Says Executive Vice President of Operating Systems, Microsoftupdated version with Start menu restored. This may be due to the fact that several people have complained about the missing Start menu, which has been there since so long. Suddenly, its unavailability has disturbed many users.

The fact has been exaggerated to the extent that people are emotionally attached to this feature. Moreover, they find it harder to use the upgraded OS. Many users of Windows 8.1 now have a reason to relax and smile.

The new version of Windows 8.1 is reported to have a combination of features from its immediate predecessor and new concepts like Live Tiles and some other Metro-influenced UI elements. However, there is no information yet about the date when the update would be available. Microsoft has also announced that all of its Universal Windows apps made to run on tablets, phones and desktops would run in windows on the desktop as well in the future.

All these features clearly show that Microsoft has taken a step back from the user interface that was originally introduced in Windows 8 in an attempt to win its most important customers, businesses with laptop and desktop workstations, all over again. Speculations would be doing the rounds as usual till the update is available for real. Till then, we will follow the development of the story.