One of the most amazing features of Windows Phone 8.1 is that it has got the innovative Windows 8.1 Updates: Miracast Media Sharing, Cortana for Windows Phone Outside the U.S., and Windows 8.2 Teaserspersonal assistant known as Cortana, who is namesake of blue lady in Halo franchise.

However, as per the latest update, it is expected that the Cortana will be made available only for the users who are updating to Windows Phone 8.1 in U.S. If you want to enjoy Cortana and all the benefits of Windows Phone 8.1, then know that you got only a limited chance for it. However, the beta test of this feature may be running up to the last trimester of this year.

 In fact, it is the only time when the updated features will be available for all regions including United Kingdom. If you belong to other locations, then you may have to probably wait until 2015 to get Cortana. However, now to crack this restriction you have an option to trick your phone by making it think that you are trying for Windows Phone 8.1 update in U.S. It’s as easy as by just changing the location setting of your phone; however, while changing back to the original, the Cortana will be automatically disappeared.

 Otherwise, you can wait for the post-beta Cortana, which will roll out for all the regions while released. Similar to it, Windows 8.2 Teasers are also available on the net.