For all those who have waited for the new version of Windows can celebrate Christmas before as the Windows 10 upgrade is now available for existing users of their older operating systems.

Windows 10 Upgrade To Wipe Off Old Features

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was in Nairobi, Kenya for the launch of their latest and much-awaited operating system. It was launched at 13 cities globally. 

Users have been waiting for the Microsoft Windows 10 for a long time, especially after the dismal performance of the Windows 8 version. Windows 10 will be available on tablets and PCs across 190 countries across the world. A free update will be available for existing users of the Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

After the upgrade

Microsoft has said that there will be no more versions of the Windows package and updates will be given to the Windows 10 instead. Therefore, after the FREE Microsoft windows 10 update, people will have to subscribe for updates.