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Windows 10: Top Things You Need To Know

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With Windows 10 set to release next month, hopes are high in terms of what the latest upgrade for the Microsoft OS will offer. Amid leaks, preview and rumors galore, fans are excited to know what is happening on the price front. For now, great news is all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users can park up the upcoming version by reserving a copy for free. We had already shared tips to do so last week.

Windows 10: Top Things You Need To KnowHowever, for those not lucky enough to get this for free, shell out $119 for the Windows 10 Home version while the Windows 10 Pro will come for $199.

For those choosing to reserve a free copy, gear up to receive a download or install notification as soon as Windows 10 launches. This time the maker is vying to make the latest OS for all devices including the tablets and smartphones, besides laptops and PCs of course. Continuum is the driving force that can warrant the same. 

This time the Windows version is set to be smart enough to sense when users use keyboards, mouse or even the touch screen. Therefore, interaction based responses are expected out of the operating system now on.

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
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