With Windows 10 all set to arrive soon, expectations are already soaring. The new Windows 10 Set to Arrive; Expectations Soaroperating system from Microsoft will be an exciting mix of the old and new as it will have the elegance of Windows 7 and the best of Windows 8.

Windows 10: a new beginning

Microsoft always knew that Windows 8 had not gone well with users, hence the urge to come up with Windows 10. This version of Windows is being promoted by Microsoft as a unique innovation in recent times and technology enthusiasts are looking forward for the launch.

Start menu

The Start menu has been put forward in the front and on left side of Microsoft user interface. As this start menu opens, it splits into two columns, the traditional list and the app styled icons.

The size and shape of start menu can also be manipulated by the user. Additionally, command prompting has also gets quite easier with Windows 10. Previously, the function was performed after opening context menu and hitting paste, in Windows 10, the same function can be performed by using Ctrl+V.


Multi desktop is another unique innovative feature that Windows 10 will have. This is one of the most eagerly awaited features of Windows 10 as task view allows users to access multiple desktop screens. This feature will be of worth where multiple apps are in use.

Mini screens as these are known will crop up on bottom of interface.

Virtual desktop

Virtual desktop feature has been added to Windows 10. With this feature at hand, users can switch between many desktops. Windows 10 can also change modes in case when no keyboard is attached. Improved snap feature is another unique innovation in Windows 10. Windows can be tiled horizontally and vertically.

Windows 10 will be an innovation in the real sense and has created a buzz among technology enthusiasts who are eagerly awaiting the launch.