Windows 10 is now out in the market and has successfully retained its pre-launch hype. The new operating system of Microsoft has earned positive response from users, thanks to its unique Start Menu. The new Start Menu is not just convenient to find and use, it offer several hidden functions for enhanced user-friendliness.

Secret Start Menu at a glance

By now, many of you know that the new operating system can be used inWindows 10 Secret menu to enhance user-friendliness and reduce time touchscreen mode as well. Users who want to operate the device in touchscreen mode just need to tap and hold the Start button for one or two seconds to make it functional.

Apart from the touchscreen mode, the shortcut menu also has some secrets that comes handy for many of the users. By using this menu, users can directly go to the tool they want without going through multiple menus. Whether you want to access the computer management tools, disk tools, system information or event viewer, you can directly find it from the Windows Administrative Tools in the All Apps section under the Start Menu. While Run command, Task Manager, Control Panel and Command Prompt can be found from the Windows System tool in the All apps section of the Start Menu.