Windows 10 sure is Microsoft’s trump card and its master move comes in the form of the Edge browser. With complaint and issues marring its reputation, the Edge indeed comes  as a boon thanks to latest specs such as bookmarking, annotated page sharing and mark ups. Of course, the Cortana is an add-on that changes the way virtual assistance works. Therefore, we finally have a Microsoft browser that can complete against the Chrome from Google, Safari from Apple, Opera and Firefox from Mozilla.

Windows 10 Scores A Sixer With EdgeMajor Issues Grapple The Browsers

These existing and “popular” browsers have had issues such as slow speed; update stack-ons, poor plug-in performances and battery life drain. Thus, Edge has entered the browser space at an ideal time. To begin with, there has been a benchmark test to compare Edge to Internet Explorer and Chrome that tested the trio on simple browsing usage on both low-end as well as high-end personal computers. We also got scoop into how well the battery fared on these browsers on both high-performance and low end laptops during video streaming online. Let’s not forget that the Windows 10 OS comes with a benchmark application performance that is at par with the Windows 8 OS while running apps or programs besides Web browsers.

Weighing The Benchmarks

For the performance tests for browsing, a Dell XPS 13 had been employed that comes with Intel Core i5 CPU of the latest generation. On the other end, a Microsoft Surface 3 had been used that comes with Intel Atom processor. There are a number of cross-platform as well as browser-oriented benchmarks you may run. The test from CNET included a selection of Peacemaker, octane test and Jetstream. Chrome, contrary to general expectations, did not fare well enough to rank as the best in these tests. While it still scores a sixer in terms of speed in these tests, it drains the battery to a large extent. Edge, surprisingly helped maintain a decent battery power level despite being average in terms of performance speed. Aligned to most expectations, the Internet Explorer still scored a duck and remained a poor third among the three in these benchmark runs.

What We Especially Loved About The Edge?

Once you open any new window or a tab, Edge brig you a collation of the top websites with a customized news feed. More so, the URL menu bar at the top asks users- “Where to next?”  To remind you of the drab things with the Internet Explorer, the home page only allows you a bring grid of most visited websites at your end and a Bing-powered search toolbox. Good times are finally here for browsing addicts, thanks to the Edge!