Microsoft has finally revealed a lightshow that has its main image for the Windows 10 desktop. This is also touted as a substitute image for the highly successful and iconic Window Bliss background that we know till date. The American giant plans to launch Windows 10 by 29 July while also expecting close to one billion devices to download the latest operating system. The new image that has gone viral has the iconic logo from Microsoft encapsulated in laser, glass and smoke.

Windows 10 Replaces 'Bliss'ful Desktop For Dark, Smoky BackgroundWhat’s The Inside Story?

The latest Windows 10 background is the work of Bradley Munkowitz, famous photographer and has been caught on lens at a San Francisco studio. In case the creator’s name strikes no cord, then recall movies such as Oblivion and Tron. 

Munkowitz initially desire creating a portal made from glass that has light shining through the logo for Windows. The final image is a great match to the darker themed Windowss 10 but will barely see any animation. 

The Start Menu Is Back

The latest software version is set to prelaunch the Start Menu—this had been washed off Windows 8’s plate.  An all-new, Microsoft Edge browser, Continuum and Cortana voice assistant are more innovations slated to be part of the Windows 10 story.

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