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Is Windows 10 Ready For Release? Microsoft And Dell Have Varied Opinion

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Windows 10, the much-hyped operating system of Microsoft has been creating great hype of late. The excitement grew even more, after Dell declared that the new PCs to be shipped on July 29, to operate on the upcoming Windows platform. While Dell claims to be ready with Windows 10 PCs, Microsoft said the new operating system would not be available in July 29 shipment.

 Is Windows 10 ready to launch? Microsoft and Dell has varied opinionThe contradiction between Dell and Microsoft

 The contradiction related to the launch of Windows 10 has created a stir in the web world as people are now glued to know, when they can actually get hold of the new operating system. On one hand, a staff writer of PC World, using Twitter handle @MarkHachman asked Michael Dell whether they intend to ship July 29 PCs with the new operating system pre-installed and received a positive reply. While on the other hand, the Vice-President of Windows and Device Marketing, Yusuf Mehdi, wrote on his blogpost that the PCs shipping on July 29, will not have pre-installed operating system. It has also come to the news that the company is still working on the upcoming operating system and buyers need to take the PCs to local retailers for installing Windows 10.

Not just that, Windows Insiders, who are supposed to get the operating system installed once it is ready for launch has not yet received the same, increasing the confusion further. Yet, Microsoft has not made any comment on this development and the confusion can be cleared only when the company opens up in this matter.

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