Microsoft is making great moves in the smartphone market these days. The market, which is already taken over by the iPhones and Android phones is gradually making a shift toward the Windows phone for its attractive features at a budget-friendly price.

While Microsoft has tried to impress the users by introducing Windows 8 for phones, it has failed to merge phones functionalities or apps with computers  and people still have to use computers for their jobs. Yet, the reports at TechRadar hints the company is all set to launch Windows 10 for smartphones and redefine the perception about the device.

 Windows 10 Phones Set To Revolutionize The Smartphone MarketReports indicating the bright future of the Microsoft smartphones states the phone can be transormed to a PC by just plugging in an HDMI connection, mouse and keyboard. However, none of the current models of Microsoft phones can support the new operating system as it requires some changes in the hardware. While the news that a smartphone will finally replace the need of PC has created an excitement, the news of hardware shift has received a mixed response, as there is a jeopardy regarding the performance of the new hardware.

Not just that, there is also a concern regarding the price of the handsets running on Windows 10 as people in the developing nations would not like to spend $600 to buy a mobile phone even if it diminishes the need of a computer. However, the planned device can rule the market if the company manages to retain its user-friendliness along with a budget price that is affordable for all.