Windows 10 from Microsoft will be the latest sensation that is all scheduled to be released this coming 29 of July. The industry experts have informed that the success of Windows 10 will depend on various features and applications that are being offered with the new software package. As the checking process is still on by the inside testers of Microsoft, all the defects which has been detected until now has been rectified. Even after the launch the product will be at the testing phase, as it will be open to very few users and PC manufacturers.

Windows 10 – The latest sensation that will put others to shameFeatures that are being offered by Windows 10 for the users

Listed below are some of the features that will be available for the users of Windows 10

  • Cortona, the special assistant robot will be there for the users so that they can come out of the sticky situations with ease. It will be the first personal assistant that would be digital.
  • New browser called Microsoft edge will be faster than any other browser available on this platform. It is even stated that it will be even faster than Safari, which is a kitty of Apple.
  • Xbox integration will be available with the new Windows 10. With this, the gamers can now surely rejoice.
  • Microsoft OneDrive with free 15 GB space will be available for the users that are more in comparison to 5 GB offered by Apple.
  • New security feature called HELLO is also added with Windows 10.
  • New Updated Windows Store with loads of applications

Will it be a success?

This is one of the biggest questions in the mind of Microsoft releasing Windows 10 this 29 July. The success or failure of the product will be verified after it is finally provided to the end users for use.

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