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Win Over Final Fantasy XIV With Its Multiple Quests: Top 10 Tips

Here are a couple of tips you’d want to know before you embark on your Final Fantasy XIV journey.

Basic Tips for Leveling

1) Ensure you pick up some food (relative) to your class when you have a little bit of money left. They give a 3% xp boost

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2) Don’t buy any armor or weapons in the first 15. You’ll go through them too fast anyway to justify the expenditure
final fantasy Xiv
3) Keep up to date with your Main Scenario. You will not be able to leave your starting location at level 15 unless you unlock the quest for the airship.

4) Keep up to date with your Class quests for Weapons and Armor every 5 levels. Complete Solo Dungeons to unlock armor and weapons from the quests.

5) When you hit level 15 (and kept up with your campaign) the real journey begins and you will have the chance to travel to the other three continents

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6) Don’t fight enemies that are too high level for you – it’s a waste of time and you’ll be highly ineffective. FFXIV uses the standard if it’s a level or two above you then you’re going to have a hard time killing it unless you’re in agroup logic.

7) Scrolllock disables to the UI so you can take a screenshot.

8) First to hit gets 100% XP. However, you get XP for attacking any enemy, so never be afraid to help. Especially in FATEs!

9) Same goes for loot! Especially quest loot.

10) In the Final Destiny XIV gameplay, the green dotted panel is your equipment. A white dot means that its spiritbond is at 100%.

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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