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Will Xiaomi Be Banned in India?

Will Xiaomi Be Banned in India

Philips, a leading health technology company, has moved to Delhi high Court seeking ban on Xiaomi. The multinational conglomerate has filed a case not only to stop sale of Xiaomi products, but also seeks a stop on the manufacturing, assembling, importing, and advertising of the Chinese Tech giant’s products.


Philips has sued Xiaomi India for patent infringement. It has alleged that three patents were being violated by Xiaomi India. Philips India has asked for an “ex-parte, ad-interim injunction” to be passed in its favour. The call for ban is for some Xiaomi models that include UMTS enhancement (HSPA, HSPA+) and LTE technologies.

It has also sought an injunction directing Central Board of Excise and Customs to authorize authorities at every port in India to not allow import of Xiaomi mobile phones specified in their application.

Xiaomi will ban in India

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The Delhi High court has given Xiaomi India four weeks to file its reply and has directed Xiaomi to maintain a minimum balance of Rs 1,000 crore in their bank accounts in India. In its order dated November 27, the court said: “It is made clear that the defendants are bound by the statement given by their counsel. The defendants shall file the details of the bank accounts operated in India where the amount of Rs. 1,000 Crore is being maintained, on or before 2 December 2020.”

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The next date of hearing as announced by Delhi Court is January 18, 2021. Xiaomi has still not given an official response on the matter. Stay tuned to this space for latest updates.