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Will Valve Steam Box Overcome Playstation Craze Or Will Sony Boil Down Valve’s Ambition? Sony PS5 Now vs Valve Steam Machine

sony-same-logo-635Now move over the slew of news about the smartphones and tabs that CES 2014 revealed to mortals. Entering into the big league called gaming, we sniffed some seductive news. In fact, the LA show had a lot to offer to the gaming addicts and here is a scoop straight for them.

Valve wowed us by revealing the Steam Machines and despite having their own set of glitches (we will talk about that sometime else) we could not hold express how awesome these looked. The first in the series could be Bolt II that will arrive this month.

Valve unleashed the Steam Machine and we noticed amazing similarity with the Xbox 360 Elite. However, one thought that tickled our minds was if Steam Machines will manage to cash in on the hype this year. With skyrocketing prices, we might not see a mass movement though.

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Well, cheer rung in the form of Sony’s Playstation Now. In addition, the best part about this is that we could play the classic games to Bravia TV and the Playstation 3 and 4 too! Chances are that the Playstation 5 will be value for money.

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