The iPad Mini 2 is to be released with retina display and according to rumours this will be the only iPad Mini 2 version with no cheaper option available. MacRumours has quoted analyst Bloomberg as stating that the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 will be released later on this year. It was expected that Apple would release the iPad 5 in the last quarter of this year followed by the iPad Mini 2 in the first quarter of next year to give a chance for the iPad 5 sales to pick up before having to deal with competition from the smaller iPad Mini 2. Since the release of the original iPad Mini Apple has see a marked drop in the sales of the bigger iPad. According to Charlie Wolf from analyst firm Needham & Co. Apple will not release a cheaper non retina version of the iPad Mini 2, at least at first, in an attempt to arrest the dwindling profit margins from iPad sales. The dwindling margins have been directly accredited to the introduction of the smaller and cheaper iPad Mini towards the end of last year.

So we can expect to see the iPad 5 to hit the shelves by sometime in October and the iPad Mini 2 to follow about a month later in November.