Latest from the Korean manufacturer, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has turned out to be a stunning phone. So much so, that it is even rumored to be a stiffler for Apple’s iPhone line. Makers of the smartphone have claimed that this phone is a fresh take on what Samsung can offer. Will it be able to give the elitist iPhone the competition it deserves?

Amid issues such as poor software, average, over-hyped features and a plastic build, Samsung had a lot to fight for. Especially at a time when Apple’s fan-following doesn’t seem to dip. Sadly, while physical appearances seem to have been fixed, Samsung S6 barely has the power to create a dent in the iPhone market.

Samsung S6 Make A Dent For starters, the prime question you ask is why has Samsung not thought of creating its own software suite if it wants to dislodge Apple from the top?

We know that S6 has finally intruded aluminum and glass to its get up but sadly, this model looks obviously more similar to the iPhone 6. Forget the big screen; even Apple has entered that league now! Moreover, Samsung must have really been influenced by Apple when it thought of making its battery non-removable. So you are out to slay apple and you opt for the one much-hated feature that Apple has under its sleeve?

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S6 comes at a hefty price. Pre-loaded apps on the phone even turn out to be repetitive. The basic fact boils down to this—if we need to actually break our bank why not pick Apple since it comes with a sturdy OS, no repeat pre-loaded apps and superb compatibly with Apple smart devices?

The last nail in Samsung Galaxy S6 coffin is the latest benchmark test. Here’s quoting  what an insider source from Apple has to say, “In terms of fps, the benchmarks show that Samsung’s ‘Exynos 7’ powered Galaxy S6 drops to 15 fps—78 percent of iPhone 6 Pluss’ frame rate– in the same test.”