The jury of Silicon Valley added damages worth $290 million lawsuit on Samsung owing to Apple. The South Korea-based company was penalised for copying vital features of the Apple iPhone and iPad. With this, the aggregate amount Samsung is hooked at $930 million.

As many as 13 previous Samsung gadgets as included in this lawsuit. The jury said there were 26 Samsung devices that used Apple’s patented technologies. The jury panel rewarded Apple with $1.05 billion. But the district judge of USA, Lucy Koh went for a new trial and charged $450 stating that the jury miscalculated the amount.

Apple has demanded $380 million, arguing that the Korean company copying led to a significant loss in its sales. Samsung on the contrary stated that it owned $52 because the features in the controversy weren’t the reason that led people to buy Samsung rather than Apple.

Samsung said it would appeal to the verdicts

For Apple, it has been more than money and patents. The spokesperson from Apple, Kristin Huguet stated, though it is not possible to put a price tag on the value, Apple is grateful to the team of judge panel for displaying Samsung that copying costs. They claim even the Samsung S3 comes with a copied technique. The juror Barry Goldman Hall stated it wasn’t about money but integrity.

While Apple states that Samsung has copied some of its important features, Samsung continues to fight back stating that the basic Apple patents are illegal and the Cupertino maker has copied their technique instead. Samsung lawyer William Price argued Apple is misconstruing the breadth of its patents to include such things as basic rectangle shape of most smartphones.

Samsung demanded to stop the trial on Wednesday after the United States Patent and Trademark Office stated Apple that it was planning to illgalise the patent safeguarding the pinch to zoom spec at the judge’s deliberation. The judge asked for more briefing and declined to terminate the trial.