One of the recent job listing published by Apple Inc. has put to rest the speculations regarding its next-in-line product using Liquid metal. There have been confirmed reports about the Company working on the Liquid metal technology for quite some years. It is now time for Apple to unveil its efforts in the form of the iPhone 6. HTC seems to be following the lead set by Apple and is expected to launch its new smart phone with Liquid metal technology—later this year.

One of the most sought after features of the HTC One is its fully anodized aluminum unibody case—which is obviously its USP which needs to be adopted by the Korean Giant as well. According to reports released by Digitimes, HTC is aware of the fact that Apple has renewed a 2 year contract with a company called Liquid Metal Intellectual – the team with which it had been working since the past few years.

To keep up with the competition HTC has triggered of its Research and Development efforts and has signed up with Jabon, a well known company which will help HTC build its Liquid metal case.