Google Nexus 5 Vs iPhone 5 Vs Samsung S4 Vs HTC OneAs news about the imminent launch of Google Nexus 5 picks up, the big question is, what will be the price of this new smartphone? While little is known about the new Google Nexus phone, it’s expected to be a smarter and more enhanced version.

The Google Nexus 5 is expected to work on the tasty Android 4.4. However, there’s little more known than that. The Google Nexus 4 was not well accepted in the market. However, with Google Nexus 5 features expected to overcome the previous version, we’re set up for some hope. What with the lack of a really good smartphone in the market, at a really good price, would Google Nexus 5 give us hope to cheer?

The iPhone 5s might have released at a cheaper price. However, the iPhone 5s features do not meet up to it. Moreso, the shadow of poor performance of iPhone 5 has shoddily reflected on the successor.

However, recent Google Nexus 5 leaks show that this phone is going to be better than before. Working on Android, this phone looks like it has a soft touch coating at the back. The logo seems more enhanced and the shape of the new phone looks suitably enhanced.

However, the sealed battery that we saw in Nexus 4 is likely to continue. This smells a little fishy and we hope it doesn’t affect the way the new Google Nexus 5 functions.

It’s evident that to fight competition against Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, Google will have to keep the price of its new phone really attractive. The nexus 5 screen is likely to smaller than both of them. There’s also the battery life that people will test it for.