Rumour has it that in a departure from the norm, Apple will be consigning the iPhone 5 to early retirement! Apple’s usual protocol has been to keep the previous 2 generations of iPhones in production and market them as lower cost phones for low-income markets. Accordingly, the iPhone 5 is Apple’s high end product, the iPhone 4S is mid-range and the iPhone 4 is the lower end device. Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated earlier this week that the iPhone 5 is the best selling iPhone till date. In fact recent data would suggest that it makes up half of the Cupertino based company’s phone sales.

Why Apple would retire the iPhone 5.

A recent report states that the iPhone 5’s in-cell touch-screen technology would not be compatible with low volume production. It is generally believed that Apple will abandon production of its iPhone 5 in favour of its high end successor, assumed to be the iPhone 5S, and a rumoured low end, less expensive plastic backed model dubbed as the iPhone Lite.

It is believed that production on the iPhone 5 sucessor has already been begun. Having a high end and a lower cost model might explain why Apple would send its best selling phone, the iPhone 5 to early retirement.