Apple has us so hooked that we have already welcomed the iPhone 6 even before it has boarded the flight. Amid leaks, imaginations, renditions and fantasies galore, here is a buzz on the iPhone 6 price—finallay!

Going by the erstwhile price bracket of $199, $299 and $399 for the 16, 32 and 64 GB iPhone avatar variants, the iPhone 6 might sell for a tag closer to these amounts. However, skeptics opine that the Apple’s 6th kid will come with layers never imagined. Straight from Job’s mind, the iPhone 6 could house things we never saw. This automatically makes us squirm that the price could notch up a higher mark than its predecessors. But high could not be too high since apple is targeting resurrection with the wonder baby 6.

iPhone 6 News & Updates  reveal, “Be ready iPhone lovers for 128 GB for the price of $499 with two year cellular contract…..”Apart from these factors, Price for the contract free iPhone 6 will be much higher than With Cellular Contract iPhone 6. So a 128 GB bendable iPhone 6 could cost around $549 & $929 ($549 + $380 extra as the case is with latest iPhone 5 T-Mobile contract free offer) with contract & contract free respectively.”