The latest buzz doing round over the web media about the missing Malaysian airline Boeing jet is crazy. A number of discussing enthusiasts have prompted that a new Bermuda triangle like stretch could actually have sucked the aircraft into its arms.  With more than 10 days having passed since the passenger-plane disappeared into thin air, the buzz gets stronger.

In fact, the stranger rumors we heard are those of some alien interference and some talk of Atlantis. The vague nature of these are so high that we failed to deduce any logic to elaborate the same.

The Bermuda triangle theory did catch our attention, though. Some hold the view that according to the last radar view of the missing plane, it could have gone missing at a geographic point that is opposite to the actual Bermuda triangle. The point here is we are not trying to dissect this scientifically. When the logic comes into play, some are of opinion that terrorist intervention could be a high possibility.

The hunt is on for the plane and now more than 25 nations are united in the search. However, we will not feel any satisfaction until we see some real results.