Friday, June 14, 2024

Wikipedia Back Online After Brief Cut

The most popular online knowledge provider, Wikipedia is now back up and operating after the fiber optic cable was cut, which caused parts of the site go offline early Monday.

The crowd-sourced encyclopedia’s cable that linked data centers in the states of Virginia and Florida were severed.

Jay Walsh, spokesman, Wikimedia Foundation said that the company is looking into the outage and there is no reason to believe that it was intentional.

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Wikipedia is the latest in the list of companies affected due to high-profile outages in recent weeks. Last month, it was Twitter and Google Talk that experienced outages the same day.

Twitter stated the problem to be with two data centers, which failed at the same time.

Engineers are scrutinizing outages precisely as more users rely on information stored in off-site servers or on services that rely on similar servers. This came into spotlight this summer with a sudden rainstorm taking down an Amazon Web Services data center that also led to the fall of access to services such as Instagram, Pinterest and Netflix.

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It was reported that the outage emphasized some concerns U.S. lawmakers have had about moving federal information to the cloud. However, keeping stability aside, people including Steve Wozniak, co-founder, Apple have other concerns about the impact that moving to the cloud will have on ownership.

He adds that he think that the move of federal information to the cloud is going to be horrendous. He further predicts a range of horrible problems in the next five years in case the decision is taken in its favor.

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