Business owners are going to get lucky with the Windows 10 set to release on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 is designed in a way that its system requirements are only as much as Windows 8.1 needed. Therefore, by the next half this year, you may expect all new PCs and convertibles/tabs from Microsoft to come pre-loaded with the new OS. This is part of the strategy to spread Windows 10 among a maximum number of people.Windows 10 Set to Arrive; Expectations Soar

What’s In For Business Users?

Microsoft vouches to provide more security with Windows 10. This will give users a push to install latest updates as soon as they are available. In case you are a business user, then the Windows Update For Business feature on Windows 10 can help manage your installations at a time when it is not inconvenient.

Be ready for an exciting and easy-to-use version of Microsoft Office on the latest OS as well as the OneDrive app. The latter is set to make file syncing with OneDrive easier, which would enable a faster working environment. However, sad news is that the OneDrive spec will be available only by the later part of this year.

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