In just a few days, Nokia will unveil its latest flagship smartphone to the world – the Lumia 928. But as much hype as this event and the device have managed to garner already, does it stand a chance against the Samsung Galaxy S4?

While not much is known about the specs of the Lumia 928, what we do know is that it will have an all metal body and edge-to-edge display. Surely, in terms of first impression, the Lumia 928 will definitely grab more eyeballs than the Galaxy S4. The cheap plastic body doesn’t exactly spell premium, especially when put against a gorgeous and sharp body like what we’re hoping to see in the Lumia 928.

But looks aren’t everything – dig a little deeper and we wonder if the Lumia 928 can work its magic. We doubt if Nokia would put in a powerful processor, at best the Lumia 928 would have a dual-core processor, unlike the Galaxy S4 which comes with either a quad-core processor or an 8-core offering.

And of course, Nokia will put in an amazing camera with Carl Zeiss optics, but we’ve heard that it could have just an 8 MP rear camera. So in terms of resolution, the Galaxy S4’s 13 MP rear camera does score more points. But for a more detailed comparison, guess we’ll just have to wait a little longer.