Apple’s latest offering, the sixth-gen iPhone 5 seems to be holding the same limitations as its predecessors- that is keeping users on the edge with no access to cellular data during a voice call, due to the restriction in the CDMA network, even on 4G LTE.

This was supposedly one of the biggest reason of displeasure for those using Verizon Wireless and Sprint with Apple’s iPhone 4S.

And with iPhone 5 also, it seems Apple hasn’t changed much on that feature.

Verizon Wireless and Sprint verified in a statement that even the latest iPhone 5 won’t support voice and data at the same time. So it seems users won’t be able to do other tasks while they stay on a phone call on 4G LTE.

This limitation has given AT&T network a plus point over the rivals Verizon and Sprint as with former’s 3G network, users do get the advantage of this service.

In a statement by Verizon to the Verge, the firm said, “The iPhone 5 was designed to allow customers to place a voice call on the Verizon Wireless network, while letting customers access the Internet over the Wi-Fi.”

Letting users have synchronized voice and data service is something the LTE network providers need to fix. But it’s also up to the device makers to offer a solution.

Samsung Electronics, for example has incorporated an extra antenna on the Galaxy S III, which lets users use data and voice together.

Apple could have fixed this issue but seeing the iPhone’s sleek and thin design, the firm didn’t really care about adding an extra space to include the antenna.

Also the fix was required only for Verizon and Sprint, and so Apple must have chosen a thinner design for other major carriers all over the world, rather than compromising on its design.

Skipping this simple feature was easy for Apple rather than designing and building unique models for Verizon and Sprint.

But it seems that users will be more tempted to jump from Verizon to AT&T as the latter customers get the ability to talk and surf on their iPhones at the same time.

iPhone 5 will go on sale on 21st Sept. with offer on-contract pricing via AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.