Wondering why should you buy the smart doorbell? A smart doorbell not only helps you avoid nuisance visitors but also adds an extra level of security but eliminating the risk of opening the door to strangers. Ring’s All-New Chime is the newest smart doorbell in the market that offers flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind to your home with Chime, a chime box that connects to your existing Ring Doorbells and Cams.

Earlier known as Doorbot, Ring first made its entry in 2018. Ring’s All-New Chime is an accessory to its Video Doorbells, smart cameras, and other security products. It is designed to produce an audible chime when somebody knocks on the door. 

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Is Ring’s All-New Chime worth the money? 

With the Ring All-New Chime, everyone in the house can hear real-time notifications when someone presses the Ring Video Doorbell. You can opt from a variety of chime tones for alert notifications. It is an accessory for the already existing Ring home security network and is not a standalone device.

It will only work when connected to other Ring Doorbells and plays the desired tone when any motion outside the house is detected. Also, in case you want to scare strangers from making their way on your front gate and if you want them to think that you have dogs around, you can play the tone of dogs barking in the background. 

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The new chime can be easily plugged into any standard electric outlet and amplifies notifications from connected Ring Video Doorbell Pros, Video Doorbells, and Stick Up Cams.

 Buy Smart Doorbell

If you want to buy the Ring’s All-New Chime, then right now is the best time. It is currently available at a discount of ₹ 4,000. You can get your own Ring’s Chime at ₹8,000 from amazon.in.

Specifications of Ring’s Smart Doorbell

  • Easy To Install: The all-new Ring Chime is pretty easy to install. It comes with an EU or 3-pin plug. The guide is easy to understand with a step-by-step process for quick installation. , Ring’s app will guide you through linking it to your network.
  • Connectivity: The smart doorbell comes with a standard 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity and is compatible with all Ring products. 
  • Controls: Homeowners can adjust the volume. You can also toggle the motion sensor and do-not-disturb mode to meet your needs.

Don’t wait any longer. Go to Amazon and get your hands on Ring’s All-New Chime