Though still not close to its projected figures, Sony Xperia has managed to ship out over 8.1 million units ever since the start of 2013. In spite of this slight rate of underperformance, the company is looking forward to increasing its shipments by 27 percent in this fiscal year alone.

The expected revenues for Sony in the year 2013 are expected to be in the range of $72.3 billion, with Xperia shipments to Sony Mobile contributing revenues of $7.8 billion. This is approximately 11 percent of the total turnover of the company. The operating income stands at $2.4 billion with the net income being $458 million.

According to Masaru Kato, Sony Chief Financial Officer, “Xperia Z was doing so well, so other models which we were expecting a lot of in sales did not actually make it.”He seemed to be suggesting that the hype created by Xperia Z was so strong that other smart phones never stood a chance in the first quarter of 2013.

The much acclaimed Xperia T has been seen and used by James Bond in his latest flick Skyfall–which witnessed a worldwide release in the months of October/early November. According to Sony, the publicity and hype generated by the use of this phone in the film was enough to trigger of a massive sale in the first three months of the current financial year.

These revelations have come after Sony announced its Xperia ZR—the new waterproof smart phone which is expected to hit the stores in the second quarter of 2013.