Why Is Everyone Talking About Conversation Between Elon Musk And Vladimir Putin?

Elon Musk

The innovative genius Elon Musk has done it once again! The American entrepreneur used Twitter to invite Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia for a chat on the invite-only social media app Clubhouse. This has many people on Twitter speculating as to what exactly Elon would want to talk to Putin about.

His tweet read, “@KremlinRussia_E would you like to join me for a conversation on Clubhouse?”

Elon Musk has never shied away from expressing himself on social media platform. His In a follow-up tweet, the world richest man wrote: “былобыбольшойчестьюпоговорить с вами.”As per Google Translate, it means, “It would be a great honour to talk to you.”

Is Elon Musk Sponsoring Clubhouse App?

Musk has been quite active on the platform. The Tesla CEO made his debut on Clubhouse with his first-ever in-person session earlier this month. Clubhouse has been touted as a future rival to established social media giants such as Instagram and Snapchat, has in part been driven by Elon Musk’s visible enthusiasm for it on Twitter.He talked about a range of topics including Mars, space travel, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and Covid-19 vaccines. The session recorded a full house on the platform with over 5000 users listening in along with various livestreams on YouTube. Vlad Tenev, CEO of Robinhood also joined in the session.

Elon Musk And Vladimir Putin

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The tweet by Elon Musk can be seen as an endorsement to Clubhouse. The invite-only app allows users to set up virtual discussion groups. As the app has grown in popularity, it has several tech bigwigs such as Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg using the platform. Other celebrities like Drake, Kevin Hart, Oprah, Jared Leto, and Ashton Kutcher are also regular on Clubhouse.

Clubhouse has recorded over 5 million downloads, according to analytics firm App Annie. The San Francisco-based company was recently valued at $1bn – having reportedly reached the $100 million valuation when it had just 1,500 users. The app is currently restricted to owners of iPhones, and has also received criticism from those opposed to its invite-only template, which means people can be blocked from listening in.