After creating a watershed in the arena of social networking in the name of Facebook, the CEO and founder of the world’s largest social networking site has moved one step ahead to acquire Oculus Rift for approximately 2 billion$. Zuckerberg, as being quoted by the leading media when he was enquired of why does Facebook want to buy Oculus Rift, has stated that he wants that virtual reality should influence the lives of the techno savvy mass just after mobiles.  He also said that he dreams of building another computing platform that would be as popularized and big as the vast world of mobile phones.

At a conference call on Tuesday night the CEO cum founder of Facebook has shared his experience of using the VR headset and commented that it is something “revelatory” and unprecedented in his life till date.  It has been designed by the 21 year old Palmer Luckey who has been in the field as a developer kit since 2013, March. Even though the company has not yet announced any launch date, still there are independent game suppliers who have released some innovative games for the hardware. Zuckerberg is anticipating that there will be more such computing platforms coming up to make augmented reality a part of our daily life.