The rains have set in. What could be better than a hot cuppa, some zesty pakoras and the intriguing company of Chekov (courtesy my digital companion- The 7-inch tablet). But unfortunately for me the yearning for this mysterious yet immersive world of digital literature  has come at a time when I already have too much on my plate. All sorts of occasions have suddenly popped up, be it my parents’ anniversary, our house warming party or the so- called brain storming session to crack the new campaign for a major client, I am required on a mandatory basis everywhere. Uff!  How I wish the world comes to halt so that I can make time for my 7-inch buddy!


And if you are one of those who are enchanted by neat technology, just like me, then you guessed it right, my 7-inch tablet comes from  Amazon’s hive. The Kindle Fire has got me hooked. It arrived last year and took the mini tablet market by storm since. The $199 tablet, which was sold out in the US,  is the second most popular tablet after Apple’s iPad. All of us know that Kindle revolutionized the mini- tablet world by being the first of its kind, and off course Google Nexus followed the suit. Kindle Fire is a tasteful 7-inch tablet and its IPS (in-Plane switching technology) makes it a book worm’s paradise . What works for me in the Kindle Fire is its 8 hour long battery life and the vibrant colorful screen.

Reading books and watching movies becomes more fun with the effervescent colors of Kindle Fire screen. (The colors look even better in the backdrop of rains and bird tweets)

The best feature of Kindle Fire is its weight. It weighs as light as 14.6 ounces, which makes it easy to carry all around the world. I am not only traveling for my personal affairs but the unavoidable  frequent business trips has made me addicted to the Kindle’s business apps (I can say that my business documents have never been more secure). Kindle comes loaded with document editing tools, which at times have helped me complete my presentations in the very nick of time.

Well, I am intrigued by short stories of Chekov for now (he must have never thought that there will be time when his massive collection of short stories would be compressed in a cool digital wonder like Kindle Fire).

Kindle Fire has undoubtedly revamped the way we read books today.

I am enjoying my Kindle time, what are you doing this rainy season?