As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads far and wide, misleading information and fake news on coronavirus is also making the rounds on social media. Therefore, WHO has announced to partner with WhatsApp, one of the leading messaging applications, in its efforts to combat misleading information surrounding coronavirus.

The new information hub aims to provide reliable information about the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, it would also include resources where people can reach out for further details. Additionally, WhatsApp has also developed another page for fact checkers from different parts of the world, which in India include organisations such as the India Today, Alt News, etc.

Furthermore, the leading messaging platform has also donated $1 million to the Poynter Institute’s international fact-checking network to help curb misinformation on coronavirus. Moreover, as a collaborative effort, WhatsApp had earlier also announced to create a new information hub in partnership with UNICEF, UNDP, and WHO.

The interactive bot by WHO which allows users to learn more about the coronavirus is currently available in English. However, the messaging platform has shared that it plans to launch the WHO bot in more languages including Chinese, French, Arabic, Russian, and Spanish in the coming days.

Govt. of India partners with WhatsApp to Tackle Rumours about COVID – 19

Given, WhatsApp’s large user base in India, Indian Government has also joined the efforts in spreading awareness. On the lines of WHO Health Alert, the Government of India has also introduced an automated bot, ‘MyGov Corona Helpdesk’.

Notably, the automated WhatsApp bot has been developed by Haptik, a subsidiary of Reliance Jio. Now, you can also use this bot to stay updated on all the latest information on Coronavirus in three simple steps.

MyGov Coronavirus Helpdesk
MyGov Coronavirus Helpdesk

Steps to contact MyGov Corona Helpdesk

  • Just save “9013151515” on your WhatsApp.
  •  Send a ‘Hi’ message.
  • You can then choose from the given options to get the information you’re looking for.

Therefore, with its latest update, you can finally put WhatsApp to some good use beyond family chat groups and fake forwards. Let us know what you think of WHO’s latest initiative in the comments below.