Bozoma Saint John has been appointed as the new Chief Marketing Officer for Netflix. Bozoma Saint John would be leaving the California-based entertainment and talent agency, Endeavor to work with the leading video streaming platform. John took to her Twitter handle to express her excitement on her new job role.

In the recent years, emergence of new streaming platforms has added more options for the viewers. As a result, Netflix also witnessed a slower growth rate in the year 2019. As per a Forbes report, United States has been the slowest growing market for the streaming platform while Asia Pacific has been its fastest.

But, the Asia-Pacific zone currently accounts for only 9% of its total subscribers. Thus, the company is hoping to further grow outside the US and Bozoma Saint John seems like the ideal candidate to bring a global perspective and required experience to its marketing strategies.

Bozoma Saint John – A leading Marketer and Advocate for Building Corporate Diversity

Bozoma Saint John was born in the United States but her parents soon moved back to their native land, Ghana. She spent part of her early childhood in Kenya, and Ghana. The family came back to the States and moved to Colorado Springs when John was 12 years old.

Reflecting on her childhood days in Colorado Springs, she said in an interview, “Part of it was also the need to fit in, and so trying to find the points of connection…it doesn’t really matter if somebody doesn’t hold the same belief systems as you or doesn’t come from the same place that you do. There is going to be some connection. You just have to find it.”

John graduated in African American Studies and English from Wesleyan University. During her almost two-decade-long career, John has worked with several conglomerates including Apple, Uber, and PepsiCo. Furthermore, she has worked in a host of completely different industries ranging from fashion, music and entertainment to sports, consumer packaged goods, and automobiles.

She is also an active supporter of encouraging diversity and is vocal about the underlying prejudices and discrimination in the corporate sector. As George Floyd’s death reignited the debate around racism and notable personalities came in support of the campaign, John also hinted about her own experiences as she voiced her concerns and extended her support for the Black Women in her recent tweets.

Her appointment at Netflix has come at a point when we are witnessing a rising awareness and debate over lack of diversity at the executive levels of corporate firms. Several leading corporations around the world are stepping up to diligently build more diversity in their teams and executive suites.


However, as the Forbes Author Meghan McCormick correctly remarked, “But saying that Saint John was chosen for the role because of her race and gender would be the understatement of the century.”

Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer at Netflix also testifies for the John’s marketing skills. He said in his statement, “Bozoma Saint John is an exceptional marketer who understands how to drive conversations around popular culture better than almost anyone. He added, “As we bring more great stories to our members around the world, she’ll define and lead our next exciting phase of creativity and connection with consumers.”

Notably, as John replaces Jackie Lee-Joe, she would be the third Chief Marketing Officer recruit at Netflix within a span of one year. Jackie Lee-Joe is reportedly leaving the firm for personal reasons amidst the pandemic. Joe is currently staying in Australia with her family.

As per the Deadline News report, Lee-Joe said, “I’m so proud to have led this team and all that we have achieved together during such an extraordinary time, fostering conversations about our films and shows that brought people together all around the world. I wish everyone at Netflix all the very best.”

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