Sunday, May 19, 2024

Where There Is Color Purple, There Is A Chance For Samsung Galaxy S3 To Be Safe From Samsung Galaxy S4 Shockwaves


Since weeks customers are wondering how Samsung Galaxy S3 with its enviable looks and pulled together tech specs would stand a chance against the enticing Samsung Galaxy S4, which fortunately has become the cynosure of technology world even before the launch( March 14th is the launch date)

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In the spirit of most awaited Samsung launch it won’t be unfair to ask how far its winning horse , the Galaxy S3 would run for.

The notion is that the price tag of Samsung Galaxy S3 should ride down, if at all it wants to save itself to get hit by the fierce of lightning Galaxy S4.

Samsung is also set to throw another winsome deal in the ring which would give U.S. carrier Sprint an opportunity to launch a more solid and eloquent version of Samsung Galaxy S3 in color purple. The new version would have impressive 16 GB storage space and is supposed to take wings on April 12. The pricing of the phone is still a mystery but we guess this one won’t cut a hole in your pocket!

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