The introduction of WhatsApp for the web was a welcome move but some users were not happy. WhatsApp on the web did not offer iOS support due to certain limitations set by Apple. However, users of Apple devices can now get WhatsApp for web as it has turned iOS compatible. It will now work with Safari on the Mac.

WhatsApp for web is now compatible with iOSApple users can now access WhatsApp from the Web

To access this new service, users need to update their devices with the latest version of the app. They need to scan the QR code on the desktop using the mobile app to get started.

Once the function is activated, users can access their WhatsApp messages from a laptop, desktop as well as phones. However, those who want to use WhatsApp in a shared PC environment are better keeping their web notifications off. Else, others may get access to their personal data.

In a recent blog post, the company has mentioned the ease of using WhatsApp on web without worrying about the loss of data. The blog post says the web version is just a mirror format of the phone and users need not worry about the loss of message from phone once they check it from a PC.