WhatsApp recently tried pitching in as a good substitute for emails with a tweet owing to its increased file transfer limits. It currently allows users to transfer media and documents of size up to 100 MB. But, Telegram was quick to take a dig by boasting its larger file transfer limit of up to 1.5 GB.

Gmail currently allows users to attach files of up to 25 MB and all the files bigger than that have to be uploaded via. Google Drive. Although 100 MB is a huge upgrade than the 25 MB size limit in Gmail, it seems tiny in comparison to Telegram’s 1.5 GB limit.

 WhatsApp had tweeted, “Need to send an email but the attachment is too large? Try using WhatsApp instead, where you can send files of up to 100 MB.”

Telegram responded to the tweet, “Need to send a message but the attachment is too large for other messengers? Try using Telegram instead, where you can send files of up to 1.5 GB.”

Users were also quick to follow, asking Whatsapp to upgrade its features and to learn from its rival messaging platform. A twitter user commented that WhatsApp is still in 2006 in comparison to Telegram.  Another user commented that boasting of 100 MB file transfer size limit is like a bad joke in 2019. He further took a dig on Whatsapp asking it to copy the 1.5 GB file sharing feature from Telegram.

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While interacting with users, Telegram came up with another witty reply that it was only 50 years ahead because the company had invented a time machine function. Although it’s not ready to release it in an update, adding that there are too many paradoxes. Telegram founder Pavel Durov had also slammed Whatapp in a blog post over the consistent lapse in its security features earlier this year. He had written that the app has never been completely secure in its 10-year history.