The popular messaging app WhatsApp is planning to introduce a change in the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature that was launched in November last year. The feature allows users to delete a message that has already been sent in a group or personal chat which is then replaced by a statement that reads – “This message was deleted”. Presently, users can delete the message only within 7 minutes of sending it, following which the option disappears. The new update, which is currently being beta tested, will provide users a deadline of one hour and eight minutes (68 minutes) to erase the message using the hyped feature.

The ‘delete for everyone’ option on WhatsApp was one of the most talked about features back in 2017 when users got the opportunity to recall a particular message they accidentally sent to someone. Although it has emerged to be a major relief in most cases, certain situations actually render the feature quite ineffective. For example, if a group participant has already quoted a message, then the feature doesn’t work and the message will still be visible to others.

Apart from the 2.18.69 beta version of the app that revealed this tweak, the 2.18.70 and 2.18.71   versions were also rolled out by WhatsApp for Android-based users. The latest updates encompass the all-new ‘Stickers’ for augmenting the chatting experience and the ‘Locked Recording’ feature. As the name suggests, the latter aspect enables you to lock the recording icon so that you can move through the messages without having to hold onto it. There is a good chance that these highly anticipated changes might make it to the actual update, according to tech experts. Note that stickers have already been introduced for regular iOS users and an update on the Play Store is expected very soon.

According to NewsBytes, WhatsApp may also reveal another useful feature in the near future where every forwarded message will be tagged in order to help users manage spam content. This has been specifically designed to assist them in dealing with the overload of unwanted messages. With the help of this, users will get an idea about the genuineness of a particular message, image or video. Another upcoming feature as stated by WABetaInfo is that WhatsApp users might soon be able to listen to their voice recordings before sending them.

WhatsApp has been making considerable efforts for enhancing the interface and the latest features lined up for the consumers are pretty impressive. We believe that the extended timeline of the ‘delete for everyone’ feature is definitely going to be a helping hand for the users of the Facebook-owned app.