Whatsapp For iPhone gets Face ID, Touch ID Biometric Authentication Feature


Whatsapp for iPhone receives an important update through version 2.19.20. This update engages a biometric authentication, which allows the user to lock Whatsapp on their iPhone with the users face ID or Touch ID. Anticipation for this new feature was there since October last year.

It is notable that the feature only allows users to open their Whatsapp behind the Face Recognition security. It doesn’t add any additional security to the individual Whatsapp conversations. Security on Whatsapp has been the bone of contention for a long time now.

There are rumors that Whatsapp for Android will bring in the same kind of authentication layer in the upcoming future. In order to activate this lock on your Whatsapp, users will have to wait a little longer.

Once the update allows you to download, update your Whatsapp.

Go to Settings>Account>Privacy>Screen Lock.

Once you reach the screen lock, the app will show options for authentication – you would have to choose Face ID or Touch ID.

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Whatsapp has currently brought this new authentication feature for all its beta users. iPhone X beta users will be able to use the Face ID unlock Whatsapp feature. But all iPhones below that will use the Touch ID passcode is available.

Initiating this feature will allow users to reply to the received messages straight from the locked screen notifications and answer Whatsapp calls.